Scayl is email without limits. Based in Portland, Oregon (USA) and Sunnyvale, CA (USA) Scayl was founded by the team that brought you one of the most popular file sharing applications on the Internet downloaded 170 million times by 30 million users in its heydey (CNET top 10).

Scayl enables everyone to communicate directly - more efficiently, privately and securely, with no attachment size limits.  Instead of traditional store and forward email, or upload-download services, Scayl applies state-of-the-art techniques to send large attachments directly.  With direct connections there are no email servers or cloud upload services limiting message size, transfer speed, or introducing privacy and security risks.  It is being used to send everything from typical email with attachments to large user generated and professional high definition media files.  Whether sending all your high resolution photos to friends and family, emailing your digital video to the theater, or sharing big data privately for work - Scayl delivers.  Scayl is interoperable with Internet email services.  Content can be emailed to many faster and more efficiently with Scayl’s Mesh Technology.

Scayl is a free service and will introduce premium offerings for businesses and professionals. Producers may add studio grade DRM (Digital Rights Management) to protect high value assets. Visit our Business page for more details.


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