send large files

Scayl sends your messages directly to your recipients without being stored in a server farm.  This means unlike other services, we are one of a very few products that does not mine or monitor your data. Server or cloud based services can not guarantee your privacy and security, Scayl can!





email large files

Scayl is the fastest email on earth because it delivers directly and at the speed of your connection.  Extremely fast over the Internet and even faster on a LAN (Local Area Network), capable of sending a gigabyte of data while sharing a cup of coffee with friends at a coffee shop. 


send big videos


Scayl sends large emails -- send big videos or entire photo album of stunning photos and the highest resolution videos.  Now you can share your digital experiences worldwide, from your camera to family, friends, and the big screen.


send large files by email

Messages sent through Scayl arrive safe and secure directly to your inbox without going through a hacker-prone cloud server, so you can relax. For even higher security requirements, talk to us and we can support your HIPAA, Legal, and Defense security requirements with 3DES encryption-- an algorithm that encrypts data three times.

send large video

No single point of failure, each of us has the server smarts to send to others.  If one of our computers fails the network lives on.  Because everyone on the Scayl network has the same protocol and infrastructure, connection is more reliable than if you have a mix of different email server types as in legacy email.  The ability to smart resume where a transfer leaves off and our approach to connecting users directly are pivotal in our reliability to deliver the biggest digital packages worldwide.

email large videos

Email large videos or files so they get there fast, privately, securely, and perhaps most importantly at lower cost, especially if you are distributing as a content provider.  Talk to us and we can save you big bucks on bandwidth with Scayl’s proprietary "Mesh" bandwidth optimization technology.


email large files

Email large files privately...even sensitive financial or health data with confidence.  Scayl solves the security and privacy problems of regular file sending or synching services.  Messages and attachments are sent direct and encrypted to your friends and colleagues, safe from prying eyes.  No more companies hacking your files or messages in a central cloud, or getting Scroogled, scanned, blocked or mined for personal data. Scayl respects and guarantees your privacy.


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